Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

PublicTransport 0.11 now in beta

Since alpha 2 there have been many crash and bug fixes and some visual polishing. There were some random crashes with script providers and some rare crashes like trying to expand a departure item, that currently gets removed (animated).

Stop IDs are now used by the applet instead of stop names, if available. The data engine distinguishes between names and IDs, scripts know whether or not an ID was given and can use different URLs then. For providers with slow web servers the timeouts were fixed. A global timeout of 60 seconds is now used for script execution and asynchronous network requests (synchronous requests are counted as script execution time). Previously there was a global ~10 seconds timeout, making the default timeout for network requests of 30 seconds senseless.

Getting additional data for multiple timetable items at once now works much faster, because all requests get started together, not one after the other.

Besides fixing bugs I did some visual polishing of the applet. All route items now use the same angle for the stop names. The halo drawn behind route stop names is no longer clipped and properly fades out. Removing of city names from route stop names is now also done automatically if the route data was received as additional data. There's now also some more space for the route item.
See the difference:
Applet in 0.11 alpha 2

Applet in 0.11 beta

The applet now also shows a link to an HTML version of the route document for HAFAS providers. Links found in JourneyNews strings can now be clicked in the applet to open them in a browser. If there was an error while trying to get the additional data the applet will show it:
Errors  while getting additional data are now shown in the applet

A busy widget gets shown while route data gets requested as additional data.

Another new thing is using snap scrolling from Plasma::ScrollWidget to always stop (kinetic) scrolling at the top of departure items. When expanding a departure item, it is tried to make it completely visible in it's expanded state. And the applet will now only allow one item at a time to be expanded (could be made configurable quite easily, but currently it is not).

TimetableMate also got some fixes, including a fix for a freeze in the background JavaScript parser. The parser now works again, making the script items in the projects dock and the function combobox in script tabs show functions correctly again. Completion was also improved with nicely formatted documentation of the script API. It now shows all function overloads. There is now also a link shown in the completion box to open the documentation in the documentation dock (similar to KDevelop).

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  1. Hi, I'm working on adding a new service provider where the data is stored in JSON. So far, I'm only getting an error message saying "Error loading Service provider". Is there any way to debug that to figure out what is the error?